Theater festival for international audience

Teatro Off Artificio 2015/2016 

The first theater festival for international audience in Como. To new citizens of Como, tourists and others, who call Como their home. Every production of repertoire is shown with English surtitles.

“Visionary selection”

The shows “Selezione Visionari” were chosen from about 50 Como citizens. Citizens carefully chose five performances of contemporary theater companies to present to the city. Anyone can become visionaries!

3 October: Giduglia- The opinions of a clownessa

Teatro Nuovo di Rebbio , Via Alfonso Lissi, 9, Como – 3 October 2015, h 21:00 –

giduglia-teatro-eventi como
Author, Director and actress Patrizia Aroldi
Project Johnny Gable – Marco Ripoldi
Light Design Lucia Manghi – Davide Cavandoli
Sound Design Marco Olivieri
In collaboration with Danio Manfredini

She is a Clownessa, she is every one and a buffoon deep. She is a lost person with soft edges overwhelmed in a tragicomic journey. She can laugh out loud and at the same time crying with heartbreak in a hooping condensation of opposite reflection of a spontaneous human being.

Why watch the show according to the Visionaries?

[A vortex that drags you into the unconscious. A show that speak to us individually. Discover that underneath,there is something that unites us all. What is this something? This time, not a philosopher nor a scientist can tell but clownessa with her wise innocence.]

22 October: Il Matrimonio – The wedding

Teatro Sociale di Como, Via Vincenzo Bellini, 3, Como -22 October 2015, h 20:30 

il matrimonio-teatro-eventi comoCantieri Teatrali Koreja
Project Salvatore Tramacere, Lucio Diana
Director Salvatore Tramacere
with Ivan Banderblog, Francesco Cortese, Giovanni De Monte, Carlo Durante,
Erika Grillo, Anna Chiara Ingrosso, Emanuela Pisicchio, Fabio Zullino
Director assistant  Giovanni De Monte
Stage and Light design Lucio Diana

The comedy is divided into two acts composed by Gogol less than two centuries ago. Back in theater with the prominent characters of the present day.
The show of Shipyards Theatrical Koreja goes down in fiction television show society. It is a whirlwind of songs (with live musicians), colors, lights, rapid movements, strong arguments, choreography and monologues application yet it still goes back and forth continuously from the scene of the hall and from the original text into TV series simultaneously. A stage fun that does not fail to summon the viewer!

Why watch the show according to the Visionaries ?

[The fiction of eternal love, a utopia we all searching for? Marriage reveals, ironically, the obsession that lies behind the choice of eternal love. And when you think you already understand everything, there is always a twist that will turn the table. You smile,you get angry, and you think over.]

20 November: A PLAY – “Hand Play “

Circolo Arci XANADù ex cinema Gloria, Via Varesina, 72, Como – 20 November 2015, h 21:00
Performance di video/danza – Audience: ragazzi e adulti.
hand play-teatro-eventi comoCompagnia 7-8 chili
choreography Davide Calvaresi
assistant Valeria Colonnella
with Davide Calvaresi, Giulia Capriotti
co-production MARCHE TEATRO scarl – Teatro di Messina

Hand Play narrates a relationship between a man and a woman. The woman is a real living body on stage, while the only thing we can see with the the man is only his huge hand projected on a screen. The result is intense dialogue between the two characters, perceptible only in a video projection.

Why watch the show according Visionaries?

“A show that tackles the power of images. An intimate story made with the use of computer. Hand Play is a physical, innovative and seductive story that we never seen before ”

11 Dicember: Dopodichè stasera mi butto

Teatro San Teodoro, via Corbetta 7, Cantù (CO) – 11 Dicember 2015, h 21:00

dopodchè stasera mi butto-teatro-eventi como

Compagnia Generazione Disagio
with Enrico Pittaluga Graziano Sirressi, Alessandro Bruni Ocaña, Luca Mammoli
director Riccardo Pippa
stage design Margherita Baldoni
light design Lorenzo Carlucci
drawings Duccio Mantellassi e Niccolò Masini
Production Proxima Res

We all know that life is hard, full of crisis and spread. So? After that? What do we want to do? Generational discomfort, the crisis and the desire for change is treated with a game of tipping paradoxically. Different and unexpected trials will go back and forth around characters on board with the help of the live audience.

Why watch the show according to the Visionaries ?

Because we do bitterly laughed a lot. The actors can engage in a brilliant way with a simple and direct language. A show full of irony which sometimes lacking in our lives.


Theatre Residence Artificio

5 February: La chiave dell’ascensore

Teatro Nuovo di Rebbio, Via Alfonso Lissi, 9, Como – 5 February 2016, h 21:00

chiave ascensore-teatro-eventi como


Di Ágota Kristóf
with Ivana Franceschini, Arianna Pollini, Stefano Andreoli
directors Paolo Antonio Simioni e Stefano Andreoli
stage design Anna Bonomelli
coaching Alessia Pellegrino

Co-production residenza Artificio, Teatro Città Murata, Compagnia Teatrale Vira.
Con il Patrocinio Accademia d’Ungheria in Roma, Accademia del cinema e della televisione di Cinecittà

Short sentences, raw syntax, reduced dialogue to essentials, without adjectives: the charm of this theatrical text lies in the economy of its means and intensity. In a scene setting divided in paintings of visual and audio, two women who complements each other, maybe, one portrays more intimate and emotional than the other, fights to give value to their lives using opposite methods, but aimed at single order to evade a power that has forbidden their freedom.


€ 15,00 – Reduction € 13,00 ( for under 25, over 65, soci coop e soci Arci (with card)
*IL MATRIMONIO Teatro Sociale di Como  € 22,50 Reduction under 18 € 10,00

Subscription five shows: 55 euro

Box Office: Chiostrino Artificio, Piazzolo Terragni 4 Como Orario: dal lunedì al venerdì dalle 9.30 alle 13.00
Presale: – 345 4502969

In collaboration with: Teatro sociale di Como, Teatro San Teodoro di Cantù, Arci Xanadù.
With the contribution of : MIBAC, Fondazione Cariplo

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