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The Project ARTIFICIO, selected by Fondazione Cariplo’s competition announcement “Valorizzare le attività culturali come fattore di sviluppo delle aree urbane” (valuing cultural activities as a factor of development of urban areas), is a collaboration between Luminanda (leader) and three other significant organizations also engaged in the social sector of Como: Cooperative CSLS, Nerolidio Music Planet and ComoNExT.

ARTIFICIO is a project aimed at the creation of a Widespread Cultural Urban Centre. It comes from the desire to build an innovative and contemporary focal point on art and culture in Como: accessible, sustainable and widespread, this focus will help with the promotion of many educational places that are already in use in the city. Through a strategy planned along, these places may improve their standards and achieve better educational, cultural and commercial targets. Networking – having online skills and public and private resources used to plan and promote cultural activities will be the strong point to achieve an urban development, which is creative, viable and sustainable at the same time.

ARTIFICIO will use more than one venue in order to cover both artistic and cultural events and to be part of the creative process of the city. The ultimate goal is the creation of an unique network of agencies and workers, who are involved in various capacities in the aspect of design, planning, promotion and implementation of cultural projects.

The promotion of a regeneration of the urban territory will happen therefore through the planning and services for the network, directly stimulating the participation of citizens and enhancing other arts and cultural institutions.

Using this network, ARTIFICIO strives to lay the foundations to build a system that can effectively contribute to the launch of a cultural offer integrated in the urban area and proposes to improve the quality of it, establishing a fertile and continuous dialogue between all stakeholders and local institutions.


In the start-up period (2013-2016), ARTIFICIO intends to test different services within the network, identified by context and created as a result of joint planning meetings with the local institutions.


This service was created to support the start-up process of new businesses / organizations in the cultural area and to create a suitable ground for their birth and growth.“Incubatore di Imprese Culturali” aims to contribute to the cultural self employment using training and support, through a series of regular meetings, and act as a mentor for the best ideas, helping with their development.


Fund raising is a strategic step for the sustainability of the cultural activities proposed by the institutions involved and for ARTIFICIO also as being the heart. The goal is to create collaboration and partnerships between the institutions in order to maximize the commercial potential of the network in attracting sponsors.

The service will be dedicated to raising funds for high value projects and activities, using resources which institutions would not have the possibility of access as individual.


Since spring 2014 ARTIFICIO has promoted events and more, including:


The project aims to develop innovative concepts to appraise the characteristics of urban area using the strategic approach of design as a strong point for innovative development.
Urban area will be redesigned creating alternative routes within the city, through a high post-graduate training. The project will be achieved thank to a constant dialogue with the citizens, since the planning stage. The city, therefore, will host a training of the highest level. This will be a chance to enhance the urban landscape.


Residencies are an attempt to support arts and civil growth of a territory, a new practice sharing between the public and the artists. ARTIFICIO aims to be the available place to produce performing arts and theatre, a place where local companies and guests can experiment and create, with an eye on both artistic and commercial growth of the city.


An alternate more popular theatre season that supports and interacts with the main theatrical season. Crucial will be the relationship between schools and institutions which urge to the need to seed the use of theatrical language in the daily practice and not so much to the immediate search of a potential audience. The acts will be chosen by the “VISIONARY”, a group of citizens that examines  recorded demos sent as entries, on the model of Kilowatt Festival of Sansepolcro.


Guerrilla Cinema is a travelling cinema on buildings or monuments, historical places or areas to be refurbished. The project wants to value areas of the city through public awareness of citizens aggregation and sharing of unconventional places for a film screening.


A project dedicated to local artists who will have the opportunity to show their acts. It aims to be an innovative reply to the main theatrical market: not only as an offer of a wide range of singing, theatre, jam sessions of selected young artists, but also as an informal place to meet and share.


Inspired by the television format of MTV Storytellers, where artists perform in front of an audience and interviewed about the genesis of their songs or career. Music Tellers expands the starting model to answer the need of cultural and musical education, as well as spaces to play music, as shown by the city’s cultural mapping. The meeting with the artist becomes a moment of training for young local musicians and also a way to stand out and become known to a wider audience.

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