Nuovo Bando l’Italia dei Visionari in scadenza 15 dicembre 2016.

L'italia dei visionari

Bando per compagnie teatrali “L’Italia dei Visionari 2016”

Scadenza: 15 dicembre 2016

Aperto il bando per la partecipazione alla prima edizione de’ L’ITALIA DEI VISIONARI 2016.



Dopo il successo della prima edizione del bando, che ha raccolto nel 2016 circa 280 progetti su tutto il territorio nazionale, CapoTrave / Kilowatt (nell’ambito  del  progetto  europeo  “Be SpectACTive!”), Artificio (Como), Festival Le Città Visibili (Rimini), ACS Abruzzo Circuito Spettacolo(Teramo), a cui si aggiungono Nuovo Teatro Faraggiana (Novara) e Pilar Ternera/Nuovo Teatro delle Commedie (Livorno), lanciano quindi una seconda edizione.

Il bando si rivolge a tutti i tipi di gruppi, sia associazioni, cooperative o altro, sia gruppi informali e singoli artisti, esclusi i gruppi amatoriali e i saggi di laboratorio, e non pone, diversamente da molti altri bandi, limiti anagrafici.

Nata per valorizzare il lavoro di singoli artisti e di gruppi formali e informali che portino avanti una ricerca in ambito teatrale, l’iniziativa è aperta a chi abbia prodotto o stia per produrre un nuovo lavoro (che abbia debuttato o debutterà nel periodo compreso tra gennaio 2016 e l’estate 2017).

La modalità di selezione per i progetti vincitori, elaborata dal regista e drammaturgo Luca Ricci nel 2007 all’interno del Kilowatt Festival di Sansepolcro, prevede la formazione, in ognuna delle sei città coinvolte nel progetto, di un gruppo di spettatori locali (circa 30 in ciascuna città), detti “I Visionari”, cioè persone che non sono ad alcun titolo “addetti ai lavori”, ma cittadini appassionati o incuriositi dal teatro o dalla danza.

I diversi gruppi di Visionari lavoreranno in completa autonomia rispetto agli altri gruppi e vedranno tutti i materiali video pervenuti, per arrivare a selezionarne alcuni per la programmazione 2017 di ciascuno degli enti/teatri/festival coinvolti, nello specifico: 9 spettacoli a Kilowatt Festival Sansepolcro, 5 ad Artificio Como, 1 a Le Città Visibili Rimini, 6 presso le sedi programmate da ACS Abruzzo Circuito Spettacolo, 6 al Teatro Civico Faraggiana di Novara, 1 al Little Bit Festival di Livorno.

Per la partecipazione al bando è necessario iscrivere lo spettacolo sul portale entro e non oltre venerdì 16 dicembre 2016, seguendo le istruzioni riportate allo specifico link in home page “L’Italia dei Visionari 2017”.

I risultati delle selezioni saranno resi noti tra aprile e giugno 2017 sui siti dei partner partecipanti.

Roots in the Future

international call for European artists in the field of performing art



In the last ten years the way of producing in the field of performing art has drastically changed, forcing the artists to shorten the rehearsal time, thus dangerously compromising the quality of their work. On other hand new kind of experiences have developed throughout Europe such us the “residences”, which give the artists new possibilities of production and, at the same time, ask for a different way of planning the production itself.



Is a network which unites production centers dedicated to residences. Its main aim is to foster an artists-in-residence programs with the goal of providing a platform to support the contemporary creation.
As every residence has its own peculiarity this gives the artists the possibility to develop a specific part of their work in each residence and as a matter of fact the artists can get inspired by the different places and culture where the residences are located. We strongly stimulate the artists to imagine different ways by which they could share their art with local community, believing that art plays an important role in social and cultural development.



The project is not focused to aim at a complete production -that it may accur- but it’s basically focused on giving time and right work conditions to a selected number of artists in order to enhance their research.



The residences chooses one or two projects every year and develop them in dialogue with the artists for each country. Every project will be developed individually after selection. The artists are asked to describe in detail the steps of the production (see the form) and each residence takes care to one or more than one step.

On other hand the residence may ask the artist to give workshops for other Italian artists or common audience, open rehearsals, or perform past or present shows in agreement with the artists. If the residence has income for any of these activities it should share it with the artists (no less than 70% to the artists).



We are looking for creative minds, emerging artists and professional companies in the field of performing art.


– at least 3 years of experiences in performing art scene
– at least 2 productions in the curriculum
( Italian artists cannot partecipate!)

Material required:

FORM the form filled in all parts (see at the end the attachment)
– the video links of the past 2 productions
– any other material that could be helpful



– Accommodation for persons
– rehearsal rooms or studio space*
– refund of all travel costs for no more than 4 artists and no more then 200,00 euro for each member
– refund of scene transport
– refund of costs for material and some propos
– offer specialized staff (lightdesigner, costume maker, stage designer…)*
– offer workshops for the artists with experts
*every location have different features, read the details below

Please note that no more than 4 people are refunded! The company is welcome to come with more artists but at his own.



Residents will be selected by the RITF Team based on the quality of their work, commitment to their practice, and ability to interact positively with the community.

It won’t be possible to detail the reasons of the selection but we will send all participants an email to inform them whether they have been selected or not.


TIMETABLE of residence period

Call open from 14th of October to 15st of December

Selection by 31st of Gennuary

Residences from 15th of APRIL to the 15st of May




– number of possible residences 3 in Lombardy
– number of rehearsing days: min 15, max 26
– period: april 2016> may 2016



ARTIFICIO art space is located in a 1700′ building in the town’s historic centre, close to the lake and to the suggestive views of hills and villages of Como Lake.

The building is dislocated on three floors. It can accommodate up to three/four artists, and it is equipped with Wireless Internet Connection, private courtyard for meetings, relaxing and working, and a multi-space for events, three bathrooms.
Ground floor:

COFFICE. A mix between a coffee shop and an office.
– An office with shared desks, that will make you feel less alone during a hard day of work.
– A friendly space where coffee and wifi are included, and you can get to know others like you.
First floor: LAB & BLA. Half laboratory, half meeting room.
– A place where you can use your hands to work like in our tailoring.
– A meeting room where you can discuss and cooperate with others.

Second floor:
VOLODROMO. A little bit of drama, a little bit of dancing.
– A large and impressive studio space, where your ideas can fly high.
Materials and equipment: lantern ( 4 par, 4 pc ), mixer audio/video, microphones, audio boxes, projector, scanner, tv screen, extension cables, plastic buckets and utensils, glue gun, tables, chairs, needle and thread, scissors, fabrics, 4 sewing machines, ironing board, iron.



 Residenza IDRA has a theatre and a rehearsal space. For the theatre have a look to The second space is a studio 10m x 6m


Besides the theatre there’s an apartment with 4 beds and all facilities. It’s possible to cook and there is a private bathroom and showers.

We can offer expert in light design and a videomaker ; in collaboration with university of fine art we can develop project in 3d scenography and props design.

Residenza IDRA runs an international festival ( a national season so it’s possible to plan a premiere in the February 2017. Of course this production should be organic to the artistic proposal of the festival.


QUI E ORA Residence

The creative residency offered by Qui e Ora is situated in the town of Arcene (BG), in the premises of the court of the fifth century at piazza della Civiltà Contadina. It is the town’s main square whereare situated(the last two places indeed interested by the residency’s project. The Sala Polivalente (polyvalent room) will host live performances, while rehearsals will take place inside the Granaio (barn).

The Granaio is a very large place, with wooden beams and wooden floor.

The accommodation will be entrusted by local people in their own private houses.

Qui e Ora theatre residency will work on administrative and organizational consulting together with Josephine Magliozzi, organizer (permanent staff) of the residency. Tutoring is intended to provide basic tools around the organizational and administrative topics, with a particular reference to the circuitry of performing arts and the projectual dimension linked to italian theatrical production.
Finally we provide tutoring action related to the body’s dramaturgy and language together with Laura Valli actress/performer and co-founder of Qui e Ora.

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